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Dissemin – Fostering self-archiving of research papers in open repositories

“Dissemin detects papers behind paywalls and helps their authors to upload them in one click to an open repository. FAQ – “What is Dissemin is a web platform gathering metadata from many sources and analyzing the full text availability of publications of researchers. It has been designed to foster the use of repositories (rather than preprints posted on personal homepages), for numerous reasons. Is a repository? Dissemin is not a repository as it does not store any full text. When the full text of a publication is available, a link to the relevant page is provided. The full texts deposited through Dissemin are stored in third-party repositories such as Zenodo or HAL. Who runs Dissemin is brought to you by the CAPSH association. Can I create a profile on Yes, you can do it, by first registering on ORCID if you do not have an ORCID identifier yet. This only takes a few seconds, and you can then use your ORCID identifier to log into Dissemin…”

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