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Disability at Home

This website documents the ingenuity and creativity that caregivers and disabled people, including those with chronic illnesses, use every day to make home accessible. These images were shared with me during research for my upcoming book about disability and care. I spoke with 44 couples in 22 states about their daily lives. But because research began during the pandemic, I couldn’t visit in person. So, I asked for photos instead. The result was hundreds of photos I knew the world needed to see.  Many didn’t come into this knowing how to adapt their homes or how to make them accessible, but they learned through trial and error. This site shows the profound competence and capability of disabled folks and caregivers, that it can be figured out, that you can make life work, and that millions of people do it every day. I hope this gives others ideas and confidence for their own creative world-building practices at home. Let’s work to make it easier for the millions of people across the US who are disabled and navigating an inaccessible world. To facilitate this, I have included suggested search terms you can use to purchase similar items in the photo descriptions, as well as approximate costs when possible. There’s even a downloadable med sheet that one caregiver provided!…”

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