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Database of 231 videos exposes the horrors of war in Ukraine

Washington Post: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is one of the most documented wars ever. Citizens, public officials and soldiers have posted videos every day that show the dead bodies in neighborhoods, the trails of missiles streaking through the skies and the smoldering ruins of entire towns. The Washington Post’s visual forensics team started to verify and catalogue videos from the war the day Russia’s invasion began. This work is now searchable in a database that will be updated. The videos have been uploaded in raw format; graphic content is clearly marked. [This database allows you to use a calendar to pick a specific day(s) to view available videos as well as filter the videos using tags and location metadata.]

  • Little has been spared. Houses, apartment buildings and playgrounds have been destroyed across Ukraine. 
  • Patients seeking care became victims of war. A maternity hospital, a cancer ward and a children’s dental clinic are among dozens of health facilities that have been struck.
  • The port city of Mariupol has been largely cut off from the world. But some inside have managed to document the horrors of Russia’s deadly siege.
  • Bombardments are routine. Citizens filming from their windows and security cameras capture moments when strikes reduce structures to rubble…”

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