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No, Covid can never, ever be ‘just a cold.’ Here’s why

Nate Bear: “A recent article in The Atlantic asked “is covid a common cold yet?” The answer was not quite, but they happily tell the reader that the symptoms have changed a lot and we’re on the way. The Atlantic is not an outlier. Much mainstream coverage has focused on covid’s ‘cold-like’ symptoms, neglecting to really spell out for people the difference between a disease and its symptoms.  The covid-as-cold myth has now made its way deep into society.  I’ve certainly heard it from friends and family. You probably have too. The reality is covid can never, ever be a cold. Never. It doesn’t matter how many generations of people it runs through. If covid is here in three hundred years, it won’t be a cold. The reason is because covid infects cells in the human body in a very different way to any other viruses that cause colds…”

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