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COVID-19, Copyright, and Library Superpowers

  • Kyle K. Courtney, COVID-19, Copyright, & Library Superpowers (Part I), (March 11, 2020): “If you work in any of the higher ed institutions that are preparing to move online – maybe your copyright world has exploded in a range of questions on fair use, e-reserves, online access, scanning, digitization, and more! I am sure many of you, especially in the library community, are working towards the best solution for students, faculty, staff, and patrons in this time of crisis. To help you navigate this process, over the next few posts (working as I go) I will offer reminders of all the super awesome legal tools libraries have for copyright as “stewards of access” in our communities…”
  • Kyle K. Courtney, COVID-19, Copyright, and Library Superpowers Part II, (March 16, 2020). “I had a number of great questions last week on fair use and copyright. However, more than a few questions came up that did not need a fair use analysis – in fact, some questions would have been a a “green light” even if there wasn’t a health crisis. That’s’ the topic of today’s post: Document Delivery, Interlibrary Loan, and more in the COVID-19 world! As I previously mentioned in the last post, I have often emphasized that libraries and archives have “superpowers” under the copyright law that allows us to supply our communities with access to materials for research, scholarship, and study. Most notably, these statutory exemptions were granted to libraries and archives by Congress to ensure our continued mission. Further, libraries can utilize technology to enhance access to materials…” [h/t Mary Whisner]

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