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COVID 19 and Business Research

COVID 19 and Business Research – Resources & Strategies for Researching – COVID 19’s Impact on Businesses & the Economy – Note: This is a work in progress and actively evolving. “About – Business librarians provide access to resources and support for researchers investigating a variety of business topics. This guide is an attempt to crowdsource resources and strategies that can be used to study how COVID 19 is affecting business and the economy, both in the US and around the world. Most library’s provide in-house developed research guides and resources using unique links that directly connect that library’s users to online resources provided by the library. Due to the way these links work, it is not currently possible to make links work for users at multiple institutions. This document will serve as a “master guide” to COVID-19 related business research resources that can be used by anyone to help create local guides or conduct research. If you’re a librarian, researcher, or other information professional and want to add content, you can request permission to edit! A special thanks to the dozens of folks on the BUSLIB-L listserv who provided many of the resources at the start of this project. Note: In lieu of a table of contents, use the built-in outline. To display the outline, go to View > Show Document Outline. If you have questions, contact Alice Kalinowski.”

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