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Control Your Zoom Data Routing

Zoom Blog: “Zoom leverages a robust global network to support our users no matter where they are located, natively routing traffic through the meeting zone that will provide you the best performance.  Now, paid Zoom customers will be able to customize which data center regions their account can use for its real-time meeting traffic...Beginning April 18, every paid Zoom Meeting and Webinar customer can opt in or out of a specific data center region. This will determine the meeting servers and Zoom connectors that can be used to connect to Zoom meetings or webinars you are hosting and ensure the best-quality service.

  1. Starting April 18, with respect to data in transit, Zoom admins and account owners of paid accounts can, at the account, group, or user level:
    • Opt out of specific data center regions
    • Opt in to specific data center regions
  2. You will not be able to change or opt out of your default region, which will be locked. The default region is the region where a customer’s account is provisioned. For the majority of our customers, this is the United States.  This feature gives our customers more control over their data and their interaction with our global network when using Zoom’s industry-leading video communication services…”

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