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Content strategy in LibGuides: An exploratory study

The Journal of Academic Librarianship [no payall]- “LibGuides is a library-specific content management system (CMS) designed to help library staff members publish information online without in depth knowledge of HTML or CSS. Produced by Springshare since the late 2000’s, the company markets LibGuides and its other products as created by librarians for librarians with an impressive 6100 libraries and institutions subscribing (Springshare, 2020). Among academic libraries, LibGuides is especially popular. There are over 2300 LibGuides instances at academic institutions (Springshare, 2019) with some institutions having more than one self-contained implementation of the LibGuides system—known as an “instance”—populated by individual LibGuides often called simply “guides”. The prevalence of LibGuides will be unsurprising to anyone who has interacted with the platform. LibGuides allows library staff members to share their expertise easily, quickly, and with a professional-looking final product. Many institutions use it to produce web content that helps users research specific topics and subjects, while others use it as their library website. There are two versions of LibGuides: a basic version, LibGuides, and an upgraded version, LibGuides CMS, with more options for content management and oversight…”

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