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Commentary – How to stop fake news? Take responsibility

The Next Web: The only way to stop fake news is for you to take responsibility: “Trump has made a lot of things buzzworthy, but perhaps none more than “fake news.” Everyone has strong opinions about who is at fault for spreading lies in the press. It’s “the media’s” fault. It’s Trump’s fault. Before Trump, it was the National Enquirer’s fault. It’s Facebook’s fault. You name a source, and they’ve probably been blamed. Do you like good gadgets? Those sweet cool gadgets? Oh, yeah And while all of those entities have played their part in this epidemic, I’m going to tell you something that might be hard for you to hear: it’s your fault.

Or I’ll say it more nicely… it’s our fault. The nature of the media has changed, and for better or worse they now chiefly operate to survive to attract readers, and we are those readers. If we want to see an end to fake news, we need to stop clicking on it, and stop spreading it. Our click is worth money. You’ve probably heard the phrase “vote with your dollar” applied to things like purchasing fair trade items. But you can, and do, vote with your clicks, too. Here are some tips for spotting fake news and some realities we have to accept if we want to participate in and encourage a free, honest, informative press…”

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