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Open Access Dashboard by Country: “Open Access by country. Showing output counts, number and percentage of accessible outputs published between 2000 and 2021. You can sort and filter by region, subregion, number of publications, and open access levels. You may also search for a specific country in the search bar at the top right. “Why is Open Access important? Out of 42 million journal articles and conference papers published since 2010, 47% are accessible in some form and more than 53% are Closed! This means that academics and institutions that cannot afford to subscribe to expensive Subscription Journals will struggle to read 53% of papers published in the last 10 years. Not to mention the general public, businesses, and people in developing nations. Diprose, J., Hosking, R., Rigoni, R., Roelofs, A., Chien, T., Napier, K., Wilson, K., Huang, C., Handcock, R., Montgomery, L., & Neylon, C. (2023). A User-Friendly Dashboard for Tracking Global Open Access Performance. The Journal of Electronic Publishing 26(1). doi:

  • The COKI Open Access Dataset is available in JSON Lines format. See below for dataset releases, license, how to cite the website and dataset, attributions and the dataset schema.”

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