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Cloud computing: Here’s the security threat you should be most worried about

ZDNet: “Poor identity, access and credential management is the biggest cybersecurity challenge for cloud computing, after the shift to remote working has redefined the workplace and changed priorities around the use of cloud applications and services, warns new research. Cloud computing is now a business essential, but keeping your data and applications secure is vital. Find out more about cloud security in this ZDNet special report. According to a survey of 700 industry experts on security issues in the cloud industry carried out by the Cloud Security Alliance, a not-for-profit that promotes best practices for cloud computing, insufficient identity, credential, access and key management for privileged accounts is a top concern around cloud cybersecurity. The shift towards remote and hybrid working has changed how businesses and employees operate, no longer accessing office applications and productivity suites installed on their PCs at the office, but rather accessing the tools they need through software-as-a-service and cloud-based productivity suites – from any device, no matter where they are. That shift means managing access to resources and files is vital, especially when administrator or other high-level privilege access is required. But organisations are struggling to achieve this, particularly as many end users are now situated outside the company firewalls and traditional protections…”

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