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Client Portals: A Must-Have Service for Today’s Law Firms

Attorney at WorkBy Jim Calloway. “Beyond secure document sharing, client portals for law firms can serve as a “virtual lobby” for clients and potential clients. With businesses and individuals now managing most of their documents digitally, a fundamental question for lawyers going forward is: How do you securely share documents with your clients? New data security breaches are exposed frequently. Email is not a secure method for confidential client communications, particularly sharing drafts of important nonpublic documents. Client portals are simply the best and most secure method to share documents in most cases. Fortunately, there are affordable ways for even the smallest, least tech-savvy law firm to provide client portals as most cloud-based practice management software services now offer them as a standard feature. But, as important as law firm client portals are today, they will have a greater role in the near future…”

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