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Chief Justice John Roberts Now Gets To Decide What To Do With His Supreme Court

BuzzFeedNews: “Chief Justice John Roberts has traversed a difficult path leading the Supreme Court since Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016. He has led the court through an extended vacancy, the beginning of the Trump administration, and, just this past week, opened the court’s term for a second time with just eight justices. Now, however, Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed in the wake of explosive hearings over sexual assault allegations. The court is back to nine justices, and Roberts finds himself leading a conservative-majority Supreme Court. The question for Roberts is what will he do with it? Over the past two-and-a-half years, Roberts worked to keep the court from appearing too politically divided, in part, by voting with Justice Anthony Kennedy more often than with any other justice. Although they still differed at times, the move tended to decrease the number of closely divided cases and increase the size of the majority on opinions. Roberts also took other steps aimed at supporting the court’s institutional integrity, in terms of what cases were granted and how procedural votes were handled…”

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