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Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective

Reuters Investigates: “Wheels falling off cars at speed. Suspensions collapsing on brand-new vehicles. Axles breaking under acceleration. Tens of thousands of customers told Tesla about a host of part failures on low-mileage cars. The automaker sought to blame drivers for vehicle ‘abuse,’ but Tesla documents show it had tracked the chronic ‘flaws’ and ‘failures’ for… Continue Reading

Businessweek Jealousy List 2023

“News flash: We are kind of awesome! In these increasingly weird, anxious, foreboding times, what we make—some of the best journalism around—matters. A lot. And we don’t thank you nearly enough for tuning in to our coverage and for letting us claim your attention. But as awesome as we are, on occasion we’re reminded that… Continue Reading

Digitized records from wildlife centers show the most common ways that humans harm wild animals

The Conversation: “At hundreds of wildlife rehabilitation centers across the U.S., people can learn about wild animals and birds at close range. These sites, which may be run by nonprofits or universities, often feature engaging exhibits, including “ambassador” animals that can’t be released – an owl with a damaged wing, for example, or a fox… Continue Reading

“A live, real-time map of passenger train locations in North America. This project amalgamates data from train GPS tracking and displays all trains on one map. Data is updated every minute, and the map updates automatically. This project was created by @rydercalmdown. Supported Trains – Currently the map supports the following trains: Via Rail –… Continue Reading

Automakers’ data privacy practices “are unacceptable”

Ars Technica: “US Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass.) is one of the more technologically engaged of our elected lawmakers. And like many technologically engaged Ars Technica readers, he does not like what he sees in terms of automakers’ approach to data privacy. On Friday, Sen. Markey wrote to 14 car companies with a variety of questions… Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

MakeUseOf: “Key Takeaways Don’t share your travel plans or photos while on a trip to avoid advertising that you’re away from home and potentially inviting theft. Disable location data and delete photo metadata before posting to protect your physical address and sensitive information. Avoid sharing personally-identifying information, such as your full date of birth or… Continue Reading