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New report looks at the best times to post on each platform, based on insights from 20,000 users

One SEO Company Sprout Social het published his latest listing of the best times to move to each of the company’s major social media platforms 20,000+ customer base, using the platform to schedule and post online. By analyzing this data, Sprout determined the best times to post based on when content sees the highest engagement rates – which is slightly different from the information you get from insights on the platform, as the reports are usually based on when users are active in the app. This may make Sprout’s report a more accurate indication of the best times to post for optimal engagement – but it’s always worth noting with these ‘best times’ reports that the information provided is generic and is based on a broad data set. The best times you can post are relative to your unique audience and their habits, yet data reviews like these can help you guide your messaging strategy and help you make the best use of your best cadences to get your results to improve. Here’s what Sprout found in analyzing last year’s data – and another important caveat:  The times listed refer to Central Time Zone (CST). These trends are likely to apply in other regions as well, but it is worth explaining this note in advance…”

Facebook can track your web activity. Here’s how to stop it

CNET – “No, the Off-Facebook Activity tracking rumor is not a hoax. Here’s how to keep the social media platform from tracking your web browsing. If you haven’t been using the privacy feature Facebook introduced last year, now’s the time to start. It’s called Off-Facebook Activity and it lets you see and control data that apps and websites… Continue Reading

Twitter’s latest bot will flag “harmful” language before you post

Ars Technica: “Want to know exactly what Twitter’s fleet of text-combing, dictionary-parsing bots defines as “mean”? Starting any day now, you’ll have instant access to that data—at least, whenever a stern auto-moderator says you’re not tweeting politely. On Wednesday, members of Twitter’s product-design team confirmed that a new automatic prompt will begin rolling out for… Continue Reading

These were the top publishers on Facebook in April 2021

NewsWhip: “We looked back at the top publishers on Facebook for the month of April 2021, ranked by their total engagement. The month saw a slight decline in engagement for most publishers and in the levels hit by the top articles, but the level of interactions did increase for some individual publishers. As usual, we… Continue Reading

Assessing the social and emotional costs of mass shootings with Twitter data

Brookings Blog – Assessing the social and emotional costs of mass shootings with Twitter data, Mary Blankenship and Carol Graham. May 5, 2021. “Mass shootings that result in mass casualties are almost a weekly occasion in the United States, which—not coincidentally—also has the most guns per capita in the world. Viewed from outside the U.S.,… Continue Reading

College student sues Proctorio after source code copyright claim

The Verge – Lawyers claim Erik Johnson made fair use of Proctorio’s software code in a critical Twitter thread: “The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a lawsuit against the remote testing company Proctorio on behalf of Miami University student Erik Johnson. The lawsuit is intended to “quash a campaign of harassment designed to undermine… Continue Reading

Report – how law enforcement can extract sensitive data from your car

The Verge: “A new report from The Intercept has shed light on a worrying new technology that lets law enforcement agencies extract personal data from people’s cars. It reports that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently made an order worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from Swedish data extraction firm MSAB which included iVe… Continue Reading

What’s Breaking Through? Congressional Reactions, Prioritization, and Digital Amplification

Precision: Ever wonder whether bipartisan agreement is gone forever? Or, whether it’s possible for progressives, conservatives, and those in the middle to find common ground on critical issues? Us too. That’s why we’re diving deep to look at what’s breaking through among three core groups of Senators and Representatives that carry weight across both chambers… Continue Reading

Would you notice if fake news changed your behavior?

Computers in Human Behavior Volume 116, March 2021, 106633 – An experiment on the unconscious effects of disinformation – “A growing literature is emerging on the believability and spread of disinformation, such as fake news, over social networks. However, little is known about the degree to which malicious actors can use social media to covertly… Continue Reading