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Why are so few people getting the latest Covid-19 vaccine?

Vox: “The Covid-19 vaccines were hailed as a miracle upon their arrival. They were delivered earlier than anyone thought possible and proved exceptionally effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths. More than 80 percent of all Americans, and more than 90 percent of adults, received at least one dose of the vaccines, remarkable penetration in a… Continue Reading

The Sick Times

“It’s not mysterious. A highly contagious airborne virus has spread around the world for the past four years and continues to infect people as I write. SARS-Cov-2 has killed an excess of 23 million people worldwide and plagued over 65 million people with Long Covid and other associated conditions.  Chronic illness advocates warned us about… Continue Reading

Deepfakes and scientific knowledge dissemination

Doss, C., Mondschein, J., Shu, D. et al. Deepfakes and scientific knowledge dissemination. Sci Rep 13, 13429 (2023). “Science misinformation on topics ranging from climate change to vaccines have significant public policy repercussions. Artificial intelligence-based methods of altering videos and photos (deepfakes) lower the barriers to the mass creation and dissemination of realistic, manipulated… Continue Reading

State Laws Restricting or Prohibiting Abortion

CRS Report – State Laws Restricting or Prohibiting Abortion Updated October 24, 2023 “The Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overruled Roe v. Wade, providing states with greater discretion to restrict abortion access, including by limiting abortion prior to fetal viability.1 This report provides an overview of existing or recently passed… Continue Reading

Vaccine Confidence Falls as Belief in Health Misinformation Grows

Annenberg Public Policy Center: “Americans have less confidence in vaccines to address a variety of illnesses than they did just a year or two ago, and more people accept misinformation about vaccines and Covid-19, according to the latest health survey from the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) of the University of Pennsylvania. The survey conducted… Continue Reading

COVID Is Airborne

Resources on transmission & prevention of COVID-19 with focus on airborne routes i.e. aerosols (& ballistic droplets). All links are extracted from this Google sheet:  Collected by Dr. Alex Huffman (Univ. Denver). Reports, guides & tools Media articles Infographics & Images Videos Tweets, threads, blogs & podcasts Research-level science articles Live webinars, workshops &… Continue Reading

The Band of Debunkers Busting Bad Scientists

WSJ (free link) – “Stanford’s president and a high-profile physicist are among those taken down by a growing wave of volunteers who expose faulty or fraudulent research papers. An award-winning Harvard Business School professor and researcher spent years exploring the reasons people lie and cheat. A trio of behavioral scientists examining a handful of her… Continue Reading

What Big Tech Knows About Your Body

The Atlantic [free to read]: “..We leave digital traces about our health everywhere we go: by completing forms like BetterHelp’s. By requesting a prescription refill online. By clicking on a link. By asking a search engine about dosages or directions to a clinic or pain in chest dying???? By shopping, online or off. By participating… Continue Reading

How Shoddy Data Becomes Sensational Research

Chronicle of Higher Education [read free]: “Over the past 20 years, a wave of improbable-sounding scientific research has come under the microscope. Are Asian Americans really prone to heart attacks on the fourth day of every month? Do power poses really increase testosterone? Do men really eat more pizza when women are around? Are people… Continue Reading

Find COVID‑19 Vaccines COVID-19 vaccination guidance has been updated. Learn more about COVID‑19 vaccine recommendations. Search for COVID‑19 vaccine options for children or adults to find a location near you. If you do not find a convenient location, check back later or contact your health care provider or local health department. Search for vaccine using your 5-digit… Continue Reading