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ChatGPT is no longer as clueless about recent events

ZDNet: “ChatGPT users frustrated with the chatbot’s ignorance about recent events will now find it more informative and accommodating. At its first Dev Day conference for developers on Monday, ChatGPT creator OpenAI revealed that the knowledge cutoff dates for both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.0 have been extended. For GPT-3.5, the cutoff date has been increased to… Continue Reading

Worried about AI hijacking your voice for a deepfake? This tool could help

NPR: “Artificial intelligence has gotten so good at mimicking people’s physical looks and voices that it can be hard to tell if they’re real or fake. Roughly half of the respondents in two newly-released AI surveys — from Northeastern University and and Pindrop — said they couldn’t distinguish between synthetic and human-generated content. This… Continue Reading

Deepfakes and scientific knowledge dissemination

Doss, C., Mondschein, J., Shu, D. et al. Deepfakes and scientific knowledge dissemination. Sci Rep 13, 13429 (2023). “Science misinformation on topics ranging from climate change to vaccines have significant public policy repercussions. Artificial intelligence-based methods of altering videos and photos (deepfakes) lower the barriers to the mass creation and dissemination of realistic, manipulated… Continue Reading

Generative AI and libraries: 7 contexts “Libraries are engaging with AI in their educational, service and policy work. This post discusses seven contexts in which that work is taking place. This is the third of four posts on Generative AI: Generative AI and large language models: background and contexts Generative AI, scholarly and cultural language models, and the return of… Continue Reading

ChatGPT is a Remarkable Tool – For Experts

Amos Azaria, Rina Azoulay, Shulamit Reches; ChatGPT is a Remarkable Tool—For Experts. Data Intelligence 2023; doi: “This paper investigates the capabilities of ChatGPT as an automated assistant in diverse domains, including scientific writing, mathematics, education, programming, and healthcare. We explore the potential of ChatGPT to enhance productivity, streamline problem-solving processes, and improve writing style.… Continue Reading

Fakespot Chat, Mozilla’s first LLM, lets online shoppers research products via an AI chatbot

TechCrunch: “Earlier this year, Mozilla acquired Fakespot, a startup that leverages AI and machine learning to identify fake and deceptive product reviews. Now, Mozilla is launching its first LLM (large language model) with the arrival of Fakespot Chat, an AI agent that will help consumers as they shop online by answering questions about the product… Continue Reading

Misinformation reloaded? Fears about the impact of generative AI on misinformation are overblown

Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review: “Many observers of the current explosion of generative AI worry about its impact on our information environment, with concerns being raised about the increased quantity, quality, and personalization of misinformation. We assess these arguments with evidence from communication studies, cognitive science, and political science. We argue that current concerns about… Continue Reading

Is Better Case Law Data Fueling a Legal Research Boom?

AI Law Librarians: “Historically, acquiring case law data has been a significant challenge, acting as a barrier to newcomers in the legal research market. Established players are often protective of their data. For instance, in an antitrust counterclaim, ROSS Intelligence accused Thomson Reuters of withholding their public law collection, claiming they had to instead resort… Continue Reading

Artificial intelligence experts discuss legal implications on ABA Presidential Speaker Series

“A panel of experts on artificial intelligence and how it will affect the legal landscape are featured in the next installment of the ABA Presidential Speaker Series. The program, titled “A.I. – The New Frontier,” will feature a panel of special advisers to the ABA Task Force on the Law and Artificial Intelligence. The program… Continue Reading

Avoiding AI Agreement Dystopia: Managing Key Risks in AI Licensing Deals

Electronic Contracting Internet Law & Cybersecurity Canada Artificial Intelligence “When a client is acquiring an AI product/service, where do you begin in your legal review? This article discusses key issues to consider and strategies for risk mitigation. Due diligence on the prospective vendor is a must. It is key to understand the nature of the… Continue Reading