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California’s unprecedented reparations report details 150 years of anti-Black harm

NBCNews: “A new report from California’s first-in-the-country statewide reparations task force details how slavery touched nearly every aspect of Black life in America, producing “innumerable harms” that are still felt today.  California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans INTERIM REPORT [June 2022], offers a comprehensive look at the impacts of enslavement and generations of discrimination on Black Californians and Black Americans more broadly. It finds that the damage to Black communities is extensive and that a variety of intentionally crafted policy, judicial decisions and racism by private actors has created a widespread exclusion of Black people that has not been sufficiently addressed at any level of government.  “Almost 150 years of active, conscious federal, state, and local government action and neglect of duty have resulted in compounded harms that are unique to Black Americans,” the authors wrote in a draft reviewed by NBC News prior to its release.  The report, the first to be released at the state level, comes amid an increased national discussion on reparations, as well as action at the local and municipal level. Last year, H.R. 40, congressional legislation that would create a national commission to study reparations and explain the U.S. government’s role in enslavement and systemic discrimination, passed out of the House Judiciary Committee, but it has languished since then…”

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