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California Wildfire + Landscape Resilience Interagency Treatment Dashboard

“As California works toward ambitious wildfire and landscape resilience goals, transparency and effective planning tools are critical to success. This beta version of the California Wildfire and Landscape Interagency Treatment Dashboard, for the first time ever in California, provides a single source for displaying recently completed (2022) forest and wildland projects from over a dozen different federal and state agencies. What is the Wildfire & Landscape Resilience Interagency Treatment Dashboard? The Dashboard is a first-of-its-kind platform that displays the location and size of federal and state wildfire and landscape resilience treatments throughout the state. The Dashboard is a highly interactive online tool by which users can sort treatments by region, county, land ownership, and more. By charting the work of what has been accomplished to date, the Dashboard can be used to guide practitioners on where to plan new projects.”

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