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Brave Search introduces the Summarizer, an AI tool for synthesized, relevant results

brave: “The Summarizer provides concise and to-the-point answers at the top of Brave Search results pages, in response to the user’s input, solely based on Web search results. Unlike a purely generative AI model, which is prone to spout unsubstantiated assertions, we trained our large language models (LLMs) to process multiple sources of information present on the Web. This produces a more concise, accurate answer, expressed in coherent language. In addition, the provenance of original sources of data is cited at all times via links. This maintains the rightful attribution of information, and helps users assess the trustworthiness of the sources, both of which are needed to mitigate the authority biases of large language models. The Brave Summarizer is available today for all users of Brave Search, on desktop and mobile. For users who would prefer not to use the Summarizer, they can easily turn it off by opting out in settings. Using Web results enables the Summarizer to provide real-time information that is up to date with today’s events. Given the current advancements in AI, it’s crucial to remind users that one should not believe everything an AI system produces, in much the same way one should not believe everything that is published on the Web. At the risk of stating the obvious, we should not suspend critical thinking for anything we consume, no matter how impressive the results of AI models can be. Besides the summary itself, our AI models are also able to replace the already query-dependent snippets (result descriptions) with a summarized version of those snippets, highlighting the answer when possible. This can be viewed as a summary of a single source (such as a press article), as opposed to the main summary where multiple sources are considered and aggregated to create a more comprehensive answer. The summary at the top of the results page and these special descriptions co-occur, so users will see the overarching summary as well as snippets with highlighted answers.

Unlike many others that have released similar features recently, we do not rely on third parties, nor do we limit access due to scalability concerns. The Brave Summarizer relies on our owned and operated models that are highly tuned to be as efficient as possible at inference time. Today, Brave Search processes daily peaks of 600 queries per second, which are then evaluated against our AI model. Although a summary is generated for about 17% of queries, we expect this number to grow in the near future as we scale our system. The Brave AI model is probably the largest such system in production to date, in that it receives more traffic than others in terms of queries per second, we apply the Summarizer to all queries, and Bing and Google have yet to open up their systems…”

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