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Behind every data point on a curve or chart is a name and story of the earliest victims

Washington Post – The Pademic’s First Wave – “The Washington Post has been tracking every covid-19 death in the United States, and an in-depth analysis of the first 1,000 who died reveals the breadth of the outbreak’s impact. The virus spreads swiftly and tends to kill in clusters — in families and senior homes, in dense cities and rural towns. It is especially dangerous for the elderly, but scores of younger people have fallen victim, too…The trends that emerged during that first month of death have persisted as the toll has mounted. Men are dying more often than women, blacks are dying at a rate higher than whites, and risk rises with age. The pace, however, has increased dramatically. Just two weeks after the first 1,000, more than 21,000 have died. Behind every reported death, every data point on a curve or chart, is a name and a story: preachers and politicians, health-care workers and teachers, police officers and prisoners, parents and children. Precious few of those names and stories may ever be widely known. But here are some of them…”

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