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Average time to resolve problems three times higher than customers want

This article is of interest for several reasons – human mediated resolution, customer service and research are increasingly targeted to be replaced by various forms of electronic, robotic and AI applications. So the premise of this article, via ZDNet – A recent AI customer experience study shows that, although businesses have invested in AI solutions, customers are not happy, is useful to share with managers and senior leaders.

Businesses seem to be setting the bar for “good” customer service too low, according to a recent study, which could have significant business impact as the customer experience becomes even more vital as customers decide to buy. Boston, Mass.- based identity and access company LogMeIn recently released a study to analyze the business impact and consumer attitudes of today’s customers and their journey to a sale. It surveyed over 5,000 respondents consisting of business leaders and consumers around the globe. Its 2018 AI Customer Experience study shows that over one-third of consumers were not impressed with their customer journey…”

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