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At-Home OTC COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

Authorized At-Home OTC COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests and Expiration Dates – “The table below is updated regularly and lists FDA-authorized at-home OTC COVID-19 diagnostic tests, including information on expiration dates, who can use the test, links to home use instructions for each test, and other details that may help you decide what test is right for you. For additional information about each Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), see In Vitro Diagnostics EUAs: Tables of IVD EUAs. In the table below, the “Expiration Date” column lists where to find the expiration date for that test, and the “Other Details” column lists the shelf-life for the test. The shelf-life is how long the test should work as expected and is measured from the date the test was manufactured. The expiration date is set at the end of the shelf-life and is the date through which the test is expected to perform as accurately as when manufactured. In some cases, the expiration date for a test may be extended. An extended expiration date means the manufacturer provided data showing that the shelf-life is longer than was known when the test was first authorized. For more information about how the expiration date is determined and why it may be extended, see the At-Home COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests: Frequently Asked Questions.” [h/t Pete Weiss]

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