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Ask The Chefs: The Future Form Of Scholarly Communication

“It’s always a good time to think about the future, but somehow the beginning of the year seems an especially appropriate time. With the changes afoot in scholarly communication practices, sentiment, and business models, this couldn’t be a better time to consider what the target might look like. What are we all aiming for? For the moment, let’s put business models aside and think about the form and flow of research and discovery. Is the article (pre- or post-publication), book, journal, etc — our current containers — and the byproducts that surround them the best we can do? This month we asked the Chefs: What form might scholarly communications take in the future?

…So the growing focus on “knowledge mobilization”, coupled with more nuanced and sophisticated approaches to researcher evaluation, may result in much more communication via project reports and associated materials (such as videos and infographics)…”

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