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ArchivedWeb was born our of the necessity of people to search the web’s cached pages. Google is full of awesome search functionality which is hidden inside their engine, cache search is one of these functions. Of course going through their documentation and knowing how to use the computer, everyone can find out how to search their web cache for archived pages. However, not everyone is computer savvy and thus ArchivedWeb is here to quickly look up cached pages. The tool can be used free of charge and redirects you to the chosen cache search. The project is run by a group of IT students and might be used as a future project. The initial idea was to create a database of cached pages, similar to the Wayback Machine, but due to funding limitations this not possible for now. We highly appreciate sponsors for this project and our best five sponsors will be featured with logo and link on our homepage. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please refer to our sponsoring page for more information.”

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