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Apple Maps expands its Street View competitor to Boston, DC, Philadelphia

ars technica: “Apple Maps has been slowly expanding regional coverage for its Google Street View-like Look Around feature, and now MacRumors forum members have spotted rollouts for the feature in the US cities of Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, DC. Look Around was added as a feature in iOS 13 last September, but it launched with coverage only in or near San Francisco. Like Google Street View, the feature allows users to zoom in to street-level photography of most streets in an urban area. Apple displays Yelp listings and other data on real-world buildings and monuments in the viewport when Look Around is displayed in full screen. Generally, we have observed that the resolution and quality of the photography is better than what we’ve usually seen in Google’s version, and Apple applies some slick animations and parallax effects to make the view more immersive and natural-looking…”

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