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AP Study – AI is already reshaping newsrooms

“A new study from AP – Generative AI in Journalism: The Evolution of Newswork and Ethics in a Generative Information Ecosystem reveals that generative artificial intelligence is already reshaping newsroom roles and workflow. Nearly 70% of newsroom staffers from a variety of backgrounds and organizations surveyed in December say they’re using the technology for crafting social media posts, newsletters and headlines; translation and transcribing interviews; and story drafts, among other uses. One-fifth said they’d used generative AI for multimedia, including social graphics and videos…”

This report serves as a snapshot of how the industry has grappled with the initial promises and challenges of generative AI toward the end of 2023. In this report, we present a survey of 292 individuals in the news industry about how they use and want to use generative AI and what they see as the main ethical and practical issues around developing responsible usage. We collected survey responses for three weeks, from December 4 to December 22, 2023, with the AP circulating the survey among its email lists of news organization practitioners and through various social media and Slack-group postings. Fully 81.4% of respondents indicated that they were knowledgeable about generative AI   and 73.8% indicated that they or their organization had already used generative AI in some capacity. The average number of years worked in the news industry by respondents was 18 years. In other words, our sample reflects how some of the more savvy and seasoned members of the profession are reacting to the technology.”

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