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AI Litigation Database

“This database presents information about ongoing and completed litigation involving artificial intelligence, including machine learning. It covers cases from complaint forward – as soon as we learn of them – whether or not they generate published decisions. It is intended to be broad in scope, covering everything from algorithms used in hiring and credit and criminal sentencing decisions to liability for accidents involving autonomous vehicles. It also includes some cases concerning statistical analysis and data protection that may not directly involve artificial intelligence, but that are of particular relevance to AI projects. It includes cases addressing whether AIs can be authors of works protected by copyright law, or inventors of inventions protected by patent law, but it does not include litigation concerning patents that may involve artificial intelligence or machine learning. Because some search engines have a difficult time indexing pages that incorporate dynamic content served from another server, the table displayed below is static, and represents the database contents as of October 10, 2022. The dynamic database, complete with search form, can be accessed here.

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