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AI isn’t yet going to take your job

Washington Post – “but you may have to work with it Artificial intelligence is increasingly making its way across industries, changing jobs from retail to medicine to marketing…Today, AI can power grocery store robots that change how stores get stocked, speed up vaccine production and generate creative ideas. But the latest advancements raise important questions for workers: How much of our jobs depend on humans? Can technology replace us? With attitudes toward work undergoing a dramatic transformation, this series explores the impact of that shift on everything from the shape of the American workplace to the role work plays in our lives. AI won’t entirely replace humans any time soon, industry experts and companies investing in the technology say. But jobs are transforming as AI becomes more accessible…”

See also Vice – “OpenAI Research Says 80% of U.S. Workers’ Jobs Will Be Impacted by GPT. The for-profit AI company argues that its products will automate a vast swath of Americans’ job tasks.”

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