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African Americans in Business and Entrepreneurship: A Resource Guide

Lynn Weinstein Librarian, Business Reference Section at Library of Congress – “African Americans in Business and Entrepreneurship: A Resource Guide – The history of African Americans in business has been shaped by institutional racism as well as inequities in education and opportunity. This guide provides access to a wide variety of primary and secondary sources to aid in the research of this topic. This research guide is designed as a starting point for locating primary and secondary sources relevant to the participation of African Americans in business, industry, commerce, and entrepreneurship in the United States. African American business and entrepreneurship has been shaped by institutional racism including slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching culture, and segregation, as well as inequities in education, job opportunities, housing policies, and policing. Included are related associations, current and past; statistical data sources; and images and guides to Library of Congress collections and resources. It is important to note that each research project will be different, and it is not possible to include every possible resource and industry that may be of interest; but the resources included here should provide a foundation for those seeking an understanding of this field on which to conduct further research. If you have a topic of research that you need to expand upon, please refer to the Search the Library’s Catalog page to find other resources using the provided subject headings, or submit a question through our Ask a Librarian service…”

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