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A Tech News Site Has Been Using AI To Write Articles, So We Did The Same Thing Here

BuzzFeed News would like to thank ChatGPT. “Technology news outlet CNET has been found to be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write articles about personal finance without any prior announcement or explanation. The articles, which numbered at 73, covered topics such as “What Is Zelle and How Does It Work?” and had a small disclaimer at the bottom of each reading, “This article was generated using automation technology and thoroughly edited and fact-checked by an editor on our editorial staff.” The bylines on these articles read “CNET Money Staff” without any indication that they were generated by AI. The use of AI to write these articles was first brought to light by a Twitter user, and further investigation revealed that the articles have been generated using AI since November 2022. The extent and specific form of AI being used by CNET is not currently known as the company did not respond to questions about their use of artificial intelligence. The use of AI in journalism raises questions about the transparency and ethics of such a practice as well as the potential impact on the authenticity and accuracy of news. Additionally, it also raises concerns on the implications this might have on SEO and Google searches…updated CNET’s editor in chief, Connie Guglielmo published a post about their use of A.I., describing it as an experiment to see if it could help their busy writers, and always had lots of human oversight before publishing. She also said that the disclosure about use of A.I. has been made more prominent.” Note: This Buzzfeed article was written entirely by ChatGPT and reviewed by a human editor. (Actually, we had to rewrite the prompt a few times to get it to stop inserting factual errors.)

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