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A Pain-Free Way to Secure All Your Online Accounts

WSJ via MSN: “There’s a basic equation for online security: Long, unique passwords + two-factor authentication = safer money, work and personal data With a password manager, that first component is easy. The software can create a different hard-to-guess combination of numbers and letters for each online account you have. It also stores those gibberish passwords safely, then auto-fills them in websites and apps when you need them. All you need to do is remember one master password. And that second component? You typically see two-factor authentication—aka 2FA—as a time-sensitive code sent to you via text or generated by an app when you’re logging in somewhere. In many cases, it’s a setting you need to turn on. Don’t treat this as optional: Recent attacks on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s official X account and thousands of accounts at 23andMe might have been blocked had those users enabled 2FA. Two-factor codes are a necessary security layer but they are inconvenient at best, and hazardous at worst if you lose access to the device that generates them. An emerging technology called passkeys conveniently replaces both passwords and 2FA codes, but it’s only supported on a small number of sites. Until they’re ubiquitous, we’re stuck with pesky codes.Lately, I’ve discovered better tools and practices that simplify the 2FA process. My guide will help you get codes easily on your computer, and securely share them with a spouse who is trying to file taxes or pay a utility bill. It will also help you protect the codes so you don’t get locked out of accounts if you lose your phone…”

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