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8 Google Alternatives: How to Search Crypto, the Dark Web, and More

Gizmodo: “Surfing the web is one of the great joys of modern life. With the click of a button you can know who starred in that TV show you like, what to name your child, or how to tell if your cat wants you dead.  However, to surf the web you mostly have to rely one company. There is little debating that Google is the certified King of Search, with an approximate 92% market share, according to some estimates. is the most popular website on the planet. (The Justice Department filed suit to break up Google’s search and display ad businesses last week.) What’s the problem with relying on one data-hoovering mega-company for all of your online activity? Well, your qualms may vary, but for many people, privacy is of particular concern. For those with a rebellious streak (or who just don’t want to be tracked), there are some alternatives. Here are some of the ways you can surf the web without using Google’s all-powerful search algorithm…”

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