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8 best password managers of April 2024

CNBC: “Keep all of your passwords safe, secure and in one place with these top-rated password managers. Cybersecurity experts recommend that every password you create be long, complex and unique. So between online bank and investment accounts, credit card accounts, email accounts and other types of accounts, you may wind up with dozens of passwords to manage. Instead of keeping them on sticky notes or in easily accessible notebooks, a safer option would be to use a password manager. Password managers can store all your account information, like your username, email, or password, and protect them from unauthorized access. They can help you generate strong passwords and sync them across all your devices and often offer additional features like dark web monitoring, secure password sharing and email masking. To determine which password managers are best, CNBC Select reviewed dozens of password managers and narrowed down our top picks based on eight categories. The password managers we selected use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption or stronger, are compatible with various types of devices and browsers, use a zero-knowledge system and have not had a major data breach within the last two years. (See our methodology for more information on how we chose the best password managers.)..”

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