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7 Steps to Tidying Your Digital Life

Wirecutter / The New York Times – “We live our digital lives across a variety of apps, devices, and accounts. On each of those, a breadcrumb connects back to you. The more breadcrumbs you have out in the world, the easier it is to trace your activity, whether for advertising or identity theft. Installing a password manager and enabling two-factor authentication can go a long way. But spending 30 minutes once a year closing accounts and deleting what you don’t need can further prevent any funny business, paving the way not just for improved privacy but better performance as well. In a tweet, infosec blogger John Opdenakker laid out the idea of “security by removal.” In short, the fewer accounts, software, files, and apps we all have, the less potential there is for data breaches, privacy leaks, or security issues. Think of it like data minimalism, a Marie Kondo–style approach to data and security…” [Note – this is an excellent guide with actionable information – with the caveat that nothing will change unless we each take the time necessary to protect our identities and information online.]

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