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6 hidden Google Maps tricks you need to know

C/NET – These tips are helpful when you need to find a parking spot in a hurry or if you get lost: “You haven’t traveled anywhere in what seems like ages due to coronavirus quarantine, but as cities and state parks begin to open up, you may find that you’re mapping out a drive or beginning to think about your daily commute. Fortunately, the Google Maps app for Android and iPhone ($699 at Apple) can remove a bit of the strain from driving with some of its hidden features. And even if you aren’t planning to go anywhere far for awhile, you can tuck some of these tips away for when you do. You probably know that with the Google Maps app, you can save addresses, like for work and home, so with a tap you can get directions to the places you travel to frequently. You can also get information about a place — including what to eat, where to stay and what you can do there — to help you make the most of a trip. But Google Maps can help with other tasks you may not know about, such as letting you download a map to use offline. It’ll also show you your driving time to get a more accurate ETA. It can even help you find somewhere to park. Read on to learn how to use these features for making your trip as smooth as possible…”

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