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50+ deer-resistant plants to add to your landscape

everybody gardens: “…Deer have become one of the biggest problems for gardeners, mostly due to the way they forage on our treasured plants. The first line of defense is always some kind of physical barrier. In my garden the vegetable garden is a fenced haven, which has seen additions of lilies, hydrangeas and many other plants the deer love. There are shrubs bordering the garden surrounded by deer netting throughout the landscape, too. The next step is to use a repellent. My favorite is Bobbex, but there are countless formulas including sprays, granular formulations and other products. If they are not used regularly, the deer will feast on your plants. The list that follows is mostly plants grown in my own garden or by friends. They are deer-resistant, not deer-proof. In fact just about everything on the list could get tasted by deer, but they are not favorites. What is deer-resistant for one person might not be for another. Every time a list like this is put together, gardeners will contact me, explaining how the deer love one of the so-called resistant varieties…” [Good list – I have been successful with many of these plants and bulbs, and now will add more new shrubs, plants and bulbs to my gardens – enjoy!]

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