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Monthly Archives: January 2021

GW Program on Extremism – Capitol Hill Siege

“In keeping with our tradition of providing primary source documents to the research community and the public at large, The Program on Extremism has launched a project to create a central database of court records related to the events of January 6, 2021. This page will be updated as additional individuals are charged with criminal activities and new records are introduced into the criminal justice system.If you’d like to contribute to offset the costs associated with court record fees and research on this and other projects, you can support the Program’s research here.

Capitol Hill Siege Snapshot – January 31, 2021 – The number of federal cases against individuals involved in the Capitol Hill siege stands at 174. According to our latest analysis of the cases:

  • The average age of individuals was 40-years-old.
  • Individuals came from 39 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Cases have been brought against 151 men and 23 women.

We will continue to monitor developments and provide daily updates. Browse the cases below…”

When can everyone in the US get a Covid-19 vaccine?

Vox – We still don’t know: “As America’s bumpy Covid-19 vaccine rollout continues, a lot of people still have one very big question: When can I get a Covid-19 vaccine? For the vast majority of people, we don’t know yet. There are too many variables, from how much the new federal government can improve vaccination rates… Continue Reading

Life Insurance Underwriting in the Wake of COVID

Recovered COVID-19 Patients Facing New Life Insurance Hurdles in Europe, Protections Needed for American Consumers -“Consumer Federation of America (CFA) sent a letter to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) urging them to adopt a model rule for life insurance underwriters that might want to delay or deny coverage to people who had COVID-19… Continue Reading

‘Price gouging from Covid’: student ebooks costing up to 500% more than in print

The Guardian – “Librarians at UK universities say students’ reading lists for this term are being torn up because of publishers’ “eye-watering” increases to ebook prices, and some students are now reading what is available or affordable, rather than what their tutors think is best for their course. With thousands of students studying in their… Continue Reading

Here’s a Way to Learn if Facial Recognition Systems Used Your Photos

The New York Times – “An online tool targets only a small slice of what’s out there, but may open some eyes to how widely artificial intelligence research fed on personal images. When tech companies created the facial recognition systems that are rapidly remaking government surveillance and chipping away at personal privacy, they may have… Continue Reading

Why epidemiologists are so worried about the new Covid-19 variants, in 2 charts

Vox – A slightly more transmissible variation of Covid-19 can be much more dangerous. “A more contagious SARS-CoV-2 virus is a deadlier one. Not because it gets any individual sicker but because it reaches more people. More illness means more cases: more mild cases, more severe cases, more long-term complications, more hospitalizations, and more deaths.… Continue Reading

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story – 7 Inventive Ways

Bulkly – “There’s no way you haven’t heard of Instagram Stories; easily one of the biggest social media features in the world for both personal and social users and businesses alike. With the average Instagram user now using the IG app for an extra ten minutes, on average, since the introduction of the feature, this… Continue Reading

The Women of Wikipedia Are Writing Themselves Into History

Glamour:  “Wikipedia, which turned 20 this month, is big. Really big. It’s read 8,000 times per second and visited more times per month than Netflix or Instagram. We’re so used to seeing it at the top of Google when we go to settle arguments, check facts, or educate ourselves on an unfamiliar topic that it’s easy… Continue Reading