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Your post-vaccination travel questions, answered

Vox – Can Americans travel right now? Kind of. Should Americans travel right now? That’s more complicated…”There’s been a lot of debate about the ethics of traveling right now. While some borders are technically open, it raises concerns about bringing Covid-19 to different countries and possibly infecting locals. Early on in the pandemic, for example, there were worries about tourists bringing Covid-19 to Hawaii. Although the state had a strict quarantine policy, the New York Times reports that their recently loosened restrictions have brought maskless tourists and a lack of consideration for Native Hawaiians, who are at higher risk for Covid-19. The swarms of Americans who are vacationing in Latin America and the Caribbean are possibly spreading the virus to Black and brown people there as well, seemingly without much care for how this might impact their lives. It’s especially important to consider that other countries are not getting vaccine doses at the rate the United States is. Wealthier countries have been essentially hoarding their supply of vaccines, creating an imbalance elsewhere. The health and safety of others should be a priority, even as more Americans get vaccinated. The variants of the virus are also important to keep in mind, although recent data has made doctors like Johnson somewhat optimistic about the efficacy of available vaccines. “The main variant of concern now in the United States is the B117 variant, which is the one that was first recognized in the UK. From the data that we have so far, the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine seem to remain very effective against this variant,” Johnson said…”

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