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You may soon be able to renew your passport online, instead of sending in documents

NPR: “Renewing your passport isn’t an experience most people would consider streamlined — especially during the pandemic. Getting it processed can take anywhere from eight to 11 weeks, according to the State Department. But a new executive order from President Biden hopes to cut down on the amount of time people spend accessing all kinds of government services, like scheduling a callback time with the IRS, applying for Social Security and Medicare benefits online, and yes, renewing a passport. One of the points in a new executive order signed on Monday calls on the secretary of state to create a system through which people can renew their passports online, without having to mail in any physical documents. “Every interaction between the Federal Government and the public … should be seen as an opportunity for the Government to save an individual’s time (and thus reduce “time taxes”) and to deliver the level of service that the public expects and deserves,” the executive order says…”

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