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You Can Now Add Hashtags to Google Maps

Make Use Of: “Google Maps is rapidly evolving into a bigger and (potentially) better platform than it has been previously. And the latest feature Google is adding to the Maps mix is hashtags. Yes, Google Maps will soon be awash with hashtags, for better or worse. You can now add hashtags to your reviews of businesses. So, for example, if you’re reviewing a restaurant you can add #datenight or #familyfriendly. You could also add #wheelchairaccessible to help make Google Maps more wheelchair friendly. Google Maps’ Local Guides are already actively using hashtags in their reviews. Google suggests people use up to five hashtags per review, and place them at the end of the review rather than make a review harder to read by placing them throughout. Google rolled out hashtags to Maps quietly. According to TechCrunch, the ability to add or view hashtags is only currently available on Android devices. There’s no word yet when it will be added to the iOS version of Google Maps…”

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