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Winter is over in DC – What Winter?

Crocuses, daffodils, magnolias, forsythia Chinese plum/Japanese apricot, Virginia bluebells, snow drops (no snow), more hellebores than I can ever recall in decades herald the end of the non winter in DC and the arrival of a new kind of spring (#climatecrisis, #globalheating) – the Washington Post – “Winter was barely perceptible in Washington this year, and now, we can put a fork in it. We see no more potential for enduring cold or substantial snowfall. Spring is here. Our what-is-known-as winter was about as tame as it gets. Temperatures averaged nearly five degrees above normal, and the period from December through February ranked as the seventh-warmest on record. Days with highs in the 50s or warmer outnumbered those in the 40s or colder (54 percent of the days between December and February hit at least 50 degrees). The snowfall output was meager, with only 0.6 inches falling, the third-lowest amount on record. During February, typically Washington’s snowiest month, just a trace of snow was observed. Spring is clearly in the air. Flowers started blooming in February, and, based on the emergence of tree leaves and other vegetation, the USA National Phenology Network indicated that spring reached Washington at the beginning of March (more than three weeks ahead of schedule)…” [Note – the cherry blossoms will be two week earlys this year]

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