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Wildfires, tornadoes, floods, intruders: 4 ways your phone can save you in an emergency

CNET – “Our phones are the center of our social lives, but they could also help save lives in a natural disaster or other emergency. Should you wind up stranded on the side of the road, trapped inside your home or faced with an intruder that makes it impossible to dial 911, the Android phone or iPhone in your hand is a potentially life-saving tool.  In 2019, a young man’s life was saved after he began having an asthma attack and dialed 911 from his Android phone. Despite his not being able to communicate with the operator, his location was sent to the call center and help arrived in time. In 2017, a 4-year-old saved his mom’s life just by asking Siri to call for help. And phony calls to order pizza can help victims of domestic violence alert the police. These extreme examples underscore the role that phones can play in preventing loss of life when situations spin out of control. Now that wildfire season and hurricane season are here, it’s even more important to prepare for the unexpected. Police departments and first responders also realize our phones are a vital tool during emergency situations. We talked to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado for advice and tips about the many ways a phone can literally be your lifeline…”

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