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Why Does Public Television Have More Longest-Running Shows Than Other Channels

Grateful that there are really good Public TV shows still on the air, that are older than I am – so, here they are via 24/7 Wall St: ” To determine the longest running primetime TV shows of all time, 24/7 Wall St. developed a list of primetime television shows using the Internet Movie Database and other sources. Click here to see the full list of the longest running TV shows of all time. Six PBS programs are among the 10 longest running shows, and together they have logged a total of 231 years on the air. The science program “Nova” has been on television for 44 years and trails only “60 Minutes” (49 years) in terms of longevity. Other long-running shows on PBS are “The Victory Garden” (43 years); “This Old House” (39 years); “Nature” (35 years); “Frontline” (35 years); and “Wall Street Week” (35 years). Of those programs, only “Wall Street Week” is no longer on the air.”

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