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WHO warns coronavirus more dangerous than flu with mortality rate of 3.4%

LA Times: “As three more deaths in the United States were linked to the coronavirus Tuesday World Health Organization officials warned the virus could be far more dangerous than the flu, with a mortality rate of 3.4%.  The global mortality rate — which includes more than 3,000 deaths — is many times higher than the mortality rate of the flu, which is less than 1%. WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that is at least partly because COVID-19 is a new disease, and no one has built up an immunity to it.

Washington Post – How bad will the coronavirus outbreak get in the U.S.? – “The spreading coronavirus is shaping up as a pandemic of potentially historic proportions, possibly on the scale of the global outbreak of influenza in 1957 but unlikely to be as catastrophic as the Spanish flu of 1918, according to projections by infectious disease experts who are still struggling to understand this novel pathogen…Most new coronavirus cases are now outside of China, with 64 countries reporting cases as of Tuesday…”

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