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What’s Breaking Through? Congressional Reactions, Prioritization, and Digital Amplification

Precision: Ever wonder whether bipartisan agreement is gone forever? Or, whether it’s possible for progressives, conservatives, and those in the middle to find common ground on critical issues? Us too. That’s why we’re diving deep to look at what’s breaking through among three core groups of Senators and Representatives that carry weight across both chambers — Progressives, Conservatives, and Bipartisan Dealmakers — to understand where the factions exist, identify any hints of agreement, and help predict a path forward on some of the most critical issues. We’re kicking it off with a look at reactions to President Biden’s address to the Joint Session of Congress. Was it a moment for renewed bipartisanship and a return to unity? What specific proposals in the American Jobs Plan and American Family Plan animated both the critics and supporters? Below we analyze the flurry of reactions on Twitter to understand where each group stands (at least publicly) and offer some predictions on what’s ahead. (And, yes, we know Twitter is not a scientific snapshot of support or dissension on any issue.) For our analysis, we counted members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and key Senators as “Progressives,” members of the House Freedom Caucus and key Senators as “Conservatives,” and members of the House Problem Solvers Caucus and the Senate Gang of 20 as “Bipartisan Dealmakers…”

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