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What to do if your Social Security number is stolen

Tom’s Guide – A Social Security number (SSN) may be the single most important piece of government-issued identification that U.S. resident can have. It’s definitely the most valuable piece of ID that identity thieves can get their hands on, especially when the number is combined with the rightful bearer’s name and address. Even just by itself, a valid SSN can be sold to undocumented workers or to people trying to hide their true identities. A stolen SSN lets the thief, or the person he or she sells it to, do almost everything a legitimate SSN holder can do — and more.  By assuming a real person’s name and SSN, a thief can steal property and money from that person. If your name and SSN are used by criminals, the police will come looking for you, not the actual crooks. “You can close a credit card if it is compromised,” said Adam Dolby, senior manager of Alkami Technology. “But the problem is, you can’t close your SSN.” If you discover your Social Security number has been stolen or otherwise misused by another person, there are several steps you’ll need to take right away…”

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