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Use Augmented Reality to Explore a Virtual Museum Gallery from Home

Getty – How to use Google Arts & Culture’s Pocket Gallery to see a new Getty exhibition: “While the pandemic limits in-person strolls through museums, the Google Arts & Culture app invites art lovers to explore a gallery of paintings from Getty’s collection, without leaving home. The Getty Museum is partnering with Google Arts & Culture to launch a new exhibition in Pocket Gallery, an immersive exhibition feature within the Google Arts & Culture app that uses augmented reality to open up a life-size virtual space that you can literally step inside using your smartphone. In Pocket Gallery, you can select from a list of virtual exhibitions to immerse yourself in. Wander through virtual rooms with paintings displayed on the walls by physically moving your phone, or by using your finger to navigate on your phone screen. Get up close or zoom in to see the paintings in greater detail and learn more about each artwork. Getty’s exhibition is called Better Together: Join the Crowd in Celebrated European Paintings, and is inspired by the social gatherings so many of us are missing during the pandemic. The exhibition features four virtual rooms to explore, and each room displays about seven to ten paintings around a theme: City Life, Music and Merriment, A Breath of Fresh Air, and Around the Table…”

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