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UMass Institute Launches New Tool to Track Air Pollution at Every U.S. School

“Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) today unveiled a new interactive, web-based tool for tracking industrial toxic air pollution at every school in the United States. The tool, Air Toxics at School, reports toxicity-weighted concentrations of pollutants to show individual chronic human health risk from industrial toxic air pollutants at the schools’ locations. A product of PERI’s Corporate Toxics Information Project (CTIP), which creates the annual Toxic 100 lists of America’s top corporate air and water polluters and top greenhouse gas emitters, Air Toxics at School shows the comparative individual chronic health risk from industrial toxic air pollution at each K-12 and higher-education institution identified in databases maintained by the U.S. Department of Education. Each school was matched to 2018 U.S. EPA pollution data to show toxic air pollution at the school site. The air pollution analyzed comes from large fixed sources, such as factories, refineries, petroleum depots, metal mining and toxic storage and disposal facilities. Users can look up any school in the country and receive a report on the industrial facilities and the toxic chemicals that generate health risks at the school location. The report on each school lists pollution sources affecting the school and puts the impact in comparative context relative to all schools in the state and in the country…”

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