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Twitter releases large data archive of potentially state-backed information operations

Twitter news release on Election Integrity: “Data archive In line with our principles of transparency and to improve public understanding of alleged foreign influence campaigns, Twitter is making publicly available archives of Tweets and media that we believe resulted from potentially state-backed information operations on our service…While this dataset is of a size that a degree of capability for large dataset analysis is required, we hope to support broad analysis by making a public version of these datasets (with some account-specific information hashed) available. You can download the datasets below. No content has been redacted. Specialist researchers can request access to an unhashed version of these datasets, which will be governed by a data use agreement that will include provisions to ensure the data is used within appropriate legal and ethical parameters.

What’s included?Our initial disclosures cover two previously disclosed campaigns, and include information from 3,841 accounts believed to be connected to the Russian Internet Research Agency, and 770 accounts believed to originate in Iran. For additional information about this disclosure, see our announcement. These datasets include all public, nondeleted Tweets and media (e.g., images and videos) from accounts we believe are connected to state-backed information operations. Tweets deleted by these users prior to their suspension (which are not included in these datasets) comprise less than 1% of their overall activity. Note that not all of the accounts we identified as connected to these campaigns actively Tweeted, so the number of accounts represented in the datasets may be less than the total number of accounts listed here…”

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